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Beyond the Mileage: Key Indicators for Deciding When to Scrap Your Vehicle


  1. Introduction

  2. Key Indicators For Deciding When To Scrap Your Vehicle

  3. Incentives For Scrapping Your Vehicle

  4. Conclusion

  5. Summary


  1. Introduction:

We generally think of scrapping a vehicle when it becomes uneconomical to drive. But there are a lot of other reasons to consider scrapping your vehicle.

A vehicle need not necessarily be in a state of extreme decay to scrap it. It becomes unsafe to ride in a vehicle, if it has crossed 20 years of age. The wear and tear of vehicles should be considered to scrap it. It is necessary to maintain the vehicles in a responsible manner for a responsible life.

  1. Key Indicators For Deciding When To Scrap Your Vehicle:

You should know when to scrap a vehicle to get rid of your polluting vehicle at the right time in the right manner. This discussion educates you about the key indicators for deciding when to scrap your vehicle. 

  1. Cost Of Repairs And Maintenance:

When the cost of maintenance has become extravagant, it is prudent to scrap the vehicle than to maintain and bear its repair costs. It is advisable to let that vehicle go to scrap as its repair costs are exceeding its current value in the market. 

  1. Frequent Breakdowns:

If you are experiencing frequent breakdowns with your vehicle, then think of scrapping it. Frequent breakdowns cause you inconvenience. These types of vehicles stay in garages for a major amount of time. To get them repaired again and again is expensive. It also eats up your money and energy.

  1. Safety And Emission Standards:

If the vehicle fails the fitness test, it is an indication for you to scrap your vehicle. You should regularly check the fitness of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle is at par with the safety standards decided by the government. Scrap your vehicle if it is emitting more smoke and polluting the environment.

The other key indicator that should be checked is safety. If your vehicle has severe structural damage, you should think of scrapping it. If your vehicle is extensively rusted or when it is not roadworthy, then this would be a clear indicator for you to decide to scrap your vehicle.

  1. Age Of The Vehicle:

The age of the vehicle is a clear indicator to scrap your vehicle. The frequency of breakdowns increases with age. With age, the efficiency of the engine also gets disturbed. It is decided by the government that the maximum time period a commercial vehicle can function efficiently is 15 years and 20 years for personal vehicles. The screening is done to check the performance of the engine, brakes and other significant factors. Thus, age is a very important factor to decide whether to scrap your vehicle or not.

  1. Unavailability Of Replacement Parts:

Availability of replacement parts is crucial for your old vehicle to continue to be in the market. On the other hand, old vehicles are suffering from a shortage of replacement parts. Unavailability of replacement parts discourages to maintain your old vehicles. This shortage of replacements also makes obtaining the parts expensive. Thus, when it has become difficult to obtain the replacement parts, get it scrapped.

  1. When Declared A Loss:

Scrap your vehicle if an insurance company suggests declaring it a loss due to an accident. When the vehicle is extensively damaged, it is advisable to scrap as the maintenance costs exceed the purchasing cost of the new vehicle.

  1. Assess Your Needs:

Always assess your needs to continue to use your old vehicle. It is wasteful to maintain it, if it doesn’t match your requirements.

     3.  Incentives For Scrapping Your Vehicle:

The following incentives are provided to encourage people to scrap their old vehicles.

  1. A registration fee waiver is provided to the buyers when they buy a new vehicle.

  2. The other important incentive is that the state refunds 25% of road tax for personal vehicles and 15% of road tax to commercial vehicles.

  3. A discount of 5% is provided on purchasing new vehicles.

Thus, make a wise decision whether to scrap your vehicle or not. Every factor is equally important in deciding to scrap your vehicle.

  1. Summing Up:

Mileage is not the only reason to get your vehicle scrapped. There are a lot more reasons that should be considered to decide when to scrap your vehicle. Age acts as a very important factor to decide to scrap your vehicle as the efficiency of the engine gets reduced. Decide to scrap your vehicles in accordance with their age. Get rid of your redundant vehicles to improve road safety. Scrap your vehicles when they are not roadworthy.


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