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Scrapoto– A Premium Online Vehicle Scrapping Platform!

Scrapoto, as India’s pioneering phygital company, provides a unified touchpoint for every facet of the vehicle recycling value chain. Our commitment is to actively contribute to carbon footprint reduction by responsibly recycling outdated, polluted, and unfit vehicles, while also extracting valuable green parts and reconditioning components.

Scrapoto –Your Circular Economy Partner!

From The Founder 's Desk

About The Founder: Aniket Bag

Meet the visionary founder of Scrapoto, Mr. Aniket Bag who is an ecopreneur and has two decades of in-depth knowledge in Automobile Businesses. His experience is from “Make A Car To Break A Car”. Aniket has done his Masters in Automobile Engineering from Coventry University, UK. Aniket has worked in various automobile companies in India, USA, & Europe. Scrapoto is India’s first Phy-gital platform enterprise offering comprehensive multi touch points for all aspects of vehicle recycling value chain.

Aniket is spearheading the development of Scrapoto, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to making significant contributions towards carbon reduction goals. This involves the environmentally responsible recycling of older, polluting, and unfit vehicles, coupled with the extraction and refurbishment of green and reconditioned parts.

Our Vision

Become pioneer in circular economy to protect mother earth, making it a better place for the future generations.

Our Mission

Reduce, Recover, Recycle, Reuse, Reconditioning of products for making a profitable circular economy ecosystem.

The Team Behind The Door.

Not Just Coworkers

We’re not just coworkers; we’re comrades in the battle against boring meetings and the champions of the paper airplane Olympics. Our ideology revolves around the belief that collaboration is the secret sauce that makes the office potluck taste just right.

Team Tinkerin

We foster an environment where each team member is a vital cog in our engine of success, ensuring that together we create a masterpiece out of scrap.

Siddharth D

Siddharth D

All Things Tech Whiz

Prasanna K

Prasanna K

Chief Money Wizard

Hemanth A

Hemanth A

Captain Of Chaos

Still Confused?? Give us a Quick Call Now

Still Confused?? Give us a Quick Call Now