Vehicle Scrapping Policy in India 2020 | Scrappage policy announcement


What is a vehicle scrapping policy?

Vehicle scrapping policy simply means replacing or removing old vehicles from Indian roads that cause pollution. The vehicle scrapping policy has been creating a buzz for quite some time now. It is also said that the vehicle scrapping policy will finally be implemented by September 2020. The main motive of the vehicle scrapping policy is to restrain pollution and to fight the slackening of the automobile sector. In order to pull off this, the Government of India proposed and funded a vehicle scrapping policy.

What does the vehicle scrapping policy say?

The vehicle policy says that vehicles that have completed 15 years of usage should not be registered again as they cause more pollution. Sometimes, we also see many vehicles simply standing occupying the place and gathering dust on them. Such vehicles should be scrapped at authorized outlets. According to Government data, over 28 million vehicles in India are at least a decade old. These vehicles cause enormous pollution in our environment which poses the risk of human health. As we all know, Delhi is the most polluted city in India. It is so polluted that people have to pay in order to get some pure air for 15 minutes. What an irony right? Delhi is gasping for fresh and clean air and trying to battle air pollution. So, in order to battle air pollution, we need to scrap old vehicles that have completed 15 years of usage. Vehicles will first be inspected and then scrapped at authorized scrapping outlets eco-friendly.

Why do we need a vehicle scrapping policy?

 India has the world�s highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma. What is the cause of these diseases? One word answer � Pollution. Yes, air pollution is the main genesis of these diseases. Delhi, the capital of our nation is gasping for air and fighting hard against air pollution. While other places in the country have fog, the capital of the country has smog. Delhi is never in the list of clean-air standards. A health emergency was declared in the capital by the central government of India. Motor vehicle emission is the root cause of pollution. In order to stop the same happening in the nation, the Government of India came with the vehicle scrapping policy. To cut down the pollution as much as possible and lower the risk of human health, it is necessary to scrap the old/unfit vehicles. Scrapping these vehicles in a programmed process makes way for clean air reducing pollution and also lowering the demand for raw materials. Vehicle scrapping policy does not give way to clean air but, also increases the sales of new vehicles that generate the business of automobile industries. It also creates a lot of employment opportunities that affects our economy. Vehicle scrapping policy will be a big breakthrough for the automobile industry, recycling industry, economy, and also the environment. So, it is definitely important to have a vehicle scrapping policy.

How are vehicles scrapped? What happens to the scrapped vehicles?

 Old vehicles that have completed 15 year terms and also vehicles that have become unusable due to some reason are collected, dismantled, and disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly way. The complete process includes collecting, pricing, dismantling, segregation of materials, safe disposal of non-reusable parts, and issuance of a certificate of vehicle scrapping to the registered owner of the vehicle.

          The majority of the vehicle’s weight is of metals. When you scrap your ELVs, the hazardous materials in them are safely disposed of as per the vehicle scrapping policy. You also get paid as per the current market price for scrapping your vehicle. Pricing is always decided on the condition of the vehicle and current market rates. Recyclable parts in the vehicles are collected, sorted, and recycled which decreases the demand for raw materials. 

          Hence, having a vehicle scrapping policy is a must because it is for the betterment of the environment as well as the economy which gives way for a better life.

Vehicle Scrapping Policy in India 2020 | Scrappage policy announcement

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