Scrap 2 wheeler Calculator

Above 15 years old vehicle only

For other vehicles or Accidental Vehicle

Factors for valuation of your scrap vehicle

Scrap Metal Rate

Vehicle scrap price is also depend on fluctuation in scrap metal rate.



Transportation is the component while determining the scrap price of your vehicle. Closer to the scrapping facility better in valuation.


Re-used Parts Sales

If your vehicle parts are in good condition and have demand in market then you may get better scrap price for your vehicle.


No Missing Parts

Scrap price will vary if any valuable parts are missing from your vehicle.
e.g. Battery, Electronic items and other under hood parts

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle body parts and engine condition either running or stopped

Risk of Scrapping with Unauthorized Scrap Vendor


No Paper Work

Lack of legitimate process for deregistration, destruction and disposal of scrap vehicles. No paper trail maintained to track status.

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Illegal Activities

Such vehicles are often used in all types of criminal activities which leads to harassment of actual vehicle owner.


Dishonest Activities

Unauthorized vendors sometime take vehicles for scrapping but those vehicles are not scrapped, found them running on road and polluting the environment .

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Unorganized Disposal

Inadequately equipped places are very unsafe in handling of the hazardous components or fluids.

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