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Why should you recycle your ELV?

A vehicle is built with high quality metal and plastics so as to provide you with years of comfort and safety. As the vehicle grows old, it becomes more polluting and hazardous for the environment. If not disposed off properly, these components can cause severe soil and water degradation!
Metals, rubber, fabric etc.. Can be extracted and recycled. Liquids such as engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, etc. need to be collected and treated properly by registered vehicle depolluting centres. We work with Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Centres with up-to-date equipment’s to depollute, dismantle and recycle your vehicle while upholding strict standards and policies to give your vehicle the goodbye it deserves!

Some of the Documents may need for vehicle deregistration / Cancellation of registration

Valid Insurance

Vehicle Professional Tax

Valid Tax (Environmental Tax)

Legal Compliance

Vehicle Fitness and Permit



Scrapping vehicle made easy

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