Recycle Partner

Get the opportunity to interact with our valued customer base.

Promote Your Products And Services Directly To Your Target Customers. Join Our Growing Team Of Certified Recyclers And Enjoy The Benefits Of A Platform Dedicated To Helping You Succeed.


Are you a certified vehicle Recycler or Re-manufacturer? Do you directly or indirectly deal with automobile recycling?

Scrapoto provides you with a platform to market and sell your products directly to your target customers!

We understand how difficult it is for small vendors and SMEs to establish their presence in the market. Which is why we want to help reduce your marketing costs so that you can promote your products and services to a large base of clients easily without any hassle!

Grow your visibility and footprint as you establish better trading relations within and across the supply chain.

We are stronger when all players are involved in achieving our common business goal – Sustainable Vehicle Recycling.

Why Scrapoto?

Single Click

With our one-of-a-kind platform, you can easily sell your products internationally as well as domestically. The portals are opened for trading 24X7. Trade whenever you want, wherever you want – all at the ease of a single click!

Single Package

We understand that Time is Money. At Scrapoto, we provide you will a user experience unlike any other. We bring to you a single platform for engaging with clients, providing your services and easily transferring funds – all at the same place! No more fluttering through different website! Get everything you need in one single package!

Single Platform

We grow when you grow. Set up your business from anywhere in the world and eliminate the costs of advertising and promoting your services. Focus on your products, let us bring the customers to you!


Promote your products in your own words. We know you love what your do. At Scrapoto, we give you the chance to tell the world what you do in your words to your clients. Get the opportunity to answer their questions one-on-one learn about their requirements. Stand out among the crowd!


Scrapping vehicle made easy

At, we are commited to provide best services to our customers.

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