How do you know when it’s time to scrap your Vehicle?


As we all know, the vehicle scrapping policy has been creating a buzz for quite some time now and will be implemented soon. Vehicle Scrapping Policy is nothing but replacing or removing old vehicles from Indian roads that cause pollution. According to the vehicle scrapping policy, vehicles that have completed 15 years of usage should not be re-registered as they cause pollution and ruins the environment, and makes it unsustainable to live. Vehicles that are unfit should also be scrapped. But, when to scrap your car? How to know when exactly to scrap your vehicle? What are the factors to be considered before you decide to scrap your car?

When the car doesn’t move 

When the car breaks down every now and then or when it finally stops moving hence occupying a lot of place and gathering dust on it, it is clearly giving you the sign. The car breaks down every now and then and leads to repairs and car which doesn’t move just stand still and occupy land gathering dust on it. And, it is time to bid goodbye to your car and scrap it.

Maintenance cost is higher than the car value 

You know it’s time to scrap your car when it costs more bucks for changing of oil, servicing the car etc. When all these costs you more than your car value, it is time to consider scrapping your car. You can just add all the expenses that you spend on your car and if it turns out to be greater than the car value, it is time to scrap your car.

Refurbishment cost is higher than car value 

As the car gets older, it might require replacement of parts like seats, seatbelts, tyres, brakes, airbags etc because of their condition. Replacing these parts may cost you more bucks when compared to the current car value. Repair costs more and more as the car gets old. No person is ever ready to spend extra bucks on the refurbishment of the car if it’s more than the car value. And hence, scrapping of that car is a good thing to do.

Replacement of engine 

If your car needs a replacement for the engine, it is time to send your car to the scrap yard. Not only engine but, if the car needs a replacement of other items in the car and it costs more bucks to you and sometimes, the parts may not be available in the market if the car model is very old. You can consider scrapping your car at this point in time.

Immoderate rust 

You may not see the rust on your car and the car might seem absolutely alright. But, there might be rust in the engine, fuel tank, brakes and brake lines. Because of this, you might experience rusty rides. Rust in the car affects affect the function of the car and makes it unsafe to drive and causes a problem by breaking down every now and then. With safety being an important factor to be considered, if there’s rust in your car it is good to part ways and scraps your car.

When your car lacks a safety feature 

Old model cars manufactured in the past few decades may not have current safety standards and these current safety standards cannot be implemented in the old model vehicles. Cars that lack safety standards increase risk. If your car doesn’t meet the current safety standards like secure seat belts, tyres, airbags etc, it is time to scrap your car.

When you cannot find a buyer 

Buyers may not be interested to buy your car because the car may be old or the condition of the car may not be that great. Going through plenty of websites or even contacting n number of dealers to sell your car and failed to find a buyer, it’s time to bid goodbye to your car.

How do you know when it’s time to scrap your Vehicle?

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