Are you getting the right price for your scrap vehicle?


When we are scrapping our vehicles we first think about what price we are going to get for it. Is it? It is obvious that it is the first thing that comes to everyones mind. But, we should also know that price varies depending upon the condition of the vehicle we are scrapping. Scrap price changes constantly because of time (i.e., season), demand, and price in the market (i.e., stock exchanges, trading).  So, here are some basic things we need to understand before we scrap a car.

  • Weight of the vehicle : More weight, more price. Does not it sound good? We know that majority of the weight is composed of steel and iron. So, the more weight your vehicle is, the more you get paid.

Model : Did you know that your vehicle model plays an important role in the pricing of your scrap vehicle? Yes, you heard it right. The model of the vehicle definitely and directly affects the price you get when you scrap your vehicle.

Condition of the vehicle : A vehicle is always of more worth when it is in running condition. Because it saves time and energy. We never want to waste our time and energy. If your vehicle is still in working condition, why let go of the spare parts in it? We can re-use the spare parts of the vehicle. Sometimes, a vehicle that is in good condition may be refurbished and resold. That means you will also be paid a good price for scrapping your vehicle. But, what happens when your vehicle is not in running condition? Dont worry. You will definitely still get paid for scrapping your vehicle. It will be valued as a scrap metal and you will be paid according to the current market value. But, what do you mean by the vehicle, not in working condition? Vehicles that are unfit to be road and just occupy land are known as vehicles that are not in running condition.

Engine type : Yes, the pricing of the scrap vehicles on the basis of the engine is also an important factor to be considered. As we all know, there are two types of engines. Petrol and diesel engines. Pricing is done on this basis.

Scrap metals in the vehicle : More recyclable parts in your vehicle, more money you get paid. Isn’t it good that there are many recyclable parts in your vehicles? Metals in your vehicles can be recycled and formed into new products. So, more recyclable parts, more worth.

How do we recycle the scrap?

          Metals are used for different purposes. When we look around we find many things that are made of metals. Dont we? Bikes, cars, trucks, ships, railways, computers, furniture everything uses metals. But, can metal be recycled? A big yes. Metals can be recycled over and over. For example, steel, copper, silver, gold, aluminum, etc. But, how are they processed?

  • Collecting : The primary step in recycling is the collection of materials that uses metal in them. Even things that contain fewer amounts of metals are collected. So, the collection of materials is the prime step in recycling.  We collect different materials, take them to our scrap yard, and recycle them.

Sorting : The second most important thing after collecting is sorting the metals. Every kind of metals cannot be recycled together. Isnt it? All the materials collected should be sorted as recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Scrap metals is also classified into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Quality check of the materials during sorting is very essential. Magnets and sensors are used to separate the metals.

Processing : After sorting, the next step is to process the metals. How are they processed? The metals are crushed and then the scrap is shredded into pieces.

Melting : After the metals are shredded into small pieces, each metal is melted in a particular furnace that is specially designed to melt the metal. Metals are melted in the furnace with proper temperature.

Purification : After melting, it is important to purify to ensure the final product is of high quality without any contaminants. That means any impurities in the metal is removed from it. Purification of metal is done through electrolysis.

Solidifying : The final step of metal recycling is solidifying. Melted metals are carried by the conveyor belt to cool and solidify the metals. In this process, metals are given specific shapes and sizes after which they are ready to be sold.

Best news : These new products can be recycled all over again!!!

Why metal recycling? How does it benefit our environment and economy?

ELV has hazardous materials that destroy our nature and increases the risk of public health if not disposed of properly. Metals when not recycled pile up and occupy a lot of lands. They not only occupy a large place but also contaminate nature increasing the risk of living. To make our environment sustainable for living, recycling of materials is important. Recycling materials has a lot of advantages. It saves time, energy, and also money. From an environmental point of view, recycling materials leads to the conservation of natural resources that are finite, protect the ecosystem and our wildlife, cut down carbon emission. And in an economic point of view, it reduces the demand for raw materials, saves energy, cheaper than disposal, creates jobs to people which leads to the betterment of our economy. Hence, keeping in mind the 3 R – Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse recycling can be done easily.

When we can protect the environment and at the same time contribute to our economy, then why not recycle the materials? Isnt it? Human beings play an important role in the production of metals. Let us also play an important role in recycling them.  

Are you getting the right price for your scrap vehicle?

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